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Sunday Service

When: 10:30 AM every Sunday morning at CLC
Length: An hour to an hour and a half

Worship Style: We sing songs that are centered on honoring, thanking, worshiping, and praising God. The whole point of joining together to sing these songs is to uplift God and bring Him pleasure. We sing both contemporary worship songs as well as some traditional hymns. We are lead by Pastor Amanda Shields who sings and plays piano, she is often accompanied by musicians who sing and play a variety of instruments.

Preaching Style: The sermons preached at CLC are always based on Holy Scripture. The point of a sermon is to encourage, correct, and uplift the body of Christ (in our case, the CLC church family). Most Sundays Pastor Christian Shields will be preaching an expository sermon (he preaches through entire books of the Bible, sometimes taking years to finish a single book, as the Lord leads). Some Sundays CLC is blessed with guest preachers who likewise preach Biblical sermons on a variety of topics.

Children's Church

When: Every Sunday morning after praise and worship
Length: About 45 minutes (until service is over)
Ages: 4-12 (children’s church), 1-3 (toddler play area), 0+ (nursery amenities)

Learning Biblical Truth and Having Fun: At Christian Life Church we feel our Children are one of our most important assets! They are the men and women of God who will carry on His work when we are gone! Thus we offer more than just babysitting, but a full, engaging, fun and exciting class every Sunday that teaches Biblical truths and principles that can be applied to their lives now. We also focus on missions once a month and encourage the children to take an active role in what God is doing around the world. Children’s church is designed to be engaging and beneficial for children ranging in age from 4-12.

NurseryA toddler play area is provided and overseen during Sunday service, this area is for toddlers (ages 1-3). Further, diapers, a changing area, and a private room for breastfeeding (and other mommy duties) are provided.

Wednesday Service

When: 7:00 PM every Wednesday evening at CLC
Length: One hour

Prayer: We start every Wednesday night service with prayer. We pray for needs of those in attendance, church needs, city and nation wide needs, and anything else that may come up. This prayer time is lead by Pastor Christian and looks a little different each week. This is a great time to get prayed up and prayed for!

Bible Study: After the time of prayer we dive into the Word of God! We take our time going through Scripture, going verse by verse through a book at a time. Some weeks we may cover a chapter, others only a verse, we are in no rush to get through what God puts before us. During this time of study questions are encouraged, and conversation naturally occurs with the inspiration brought on by Scripture. It is a perfect time to ask all the questions you want to get a deeper and fuller understanding of God’s Word!

Men's Group

When: 9:00 AM every other Saturday morning (See calendar)
Length: About an hour and a half

Fellowship and Breakfast: One of the most important things about men’s group is bacon! OK, not really, but we do love breakfast, bacon included. Men’s group is designed to be a fun time of food and fellowship where breakfast is always served and normally consists of a healthy load of fried meats and some sort of sugary pastry (donuts FTW)!

Prayer, Worship, and Study: There is power behind the men of the church joining together to worship and pray to our God and King! Every men’s group we pray for one another then join together to sing songs of praise and worship. We also grow together, as iron sharpens iron, by going through different Bible based studies. Men’s group is always encouraging and helps the men of CLC grow closer together and closer to God.

Women's Group

When: 6:00 PM every Tuesday evening. Call or text Pastor Amanda (319-423-8716) for location, normally at a home.
Length: Two hours or more (we women love to talk!)

Fellowship and Dinner: Growing together in Christ is one of the main goals of Women’s Group. We grow by loving each other, hanging out together, sharing a meal and just living life together. That is why at each Women’s group there is dinner and ample time for fellowship (hanging out).

Prayer, Worship, and Study: Life throws all kinds of stuff our way, so we get together and pray, woman for woman, each Women’s Group. We also want God to know how much we love Him and appreciate Him, so we set aside time to sing to our Savior as well. Finally, in order to grow together we need to learn together, so each Women’s group always consists of learning from a Godly and Bible based study.

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