Global and Local Missions

Global and Local Missions

Christian Life Church has a passion for missions, both global and local. We believe that Jesus’ commission to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all I have commanded” is a direct order to His church. Therefore we seek to make disciples of all nations, as Jesus commanded. Below you will find a list of the different mission endeavors we support.

Sierra Leone,


The Christian Life in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a majority Muslim country, with between 70-85 percent of it’s population following Islam. However, freedom of religion is guaranteed by Sierra Leone’s constitution and is generally followed, allowing Christians and Muslims to live side by side mostly in peace. The nation is still recovering from decades of violence and civil war, and there is still threats to the peace both within the government (corruption) and without (terrorism) as groups fight to control the nations diamond minds. Poverty also plagues much of the nation. Therefore the life of Christians in Sierra Leone is one truly dependent on the provision and protection of Christ.

How We Are Helping Make Disciples

Pastors Patrick and Henry

Christian Life Church supports Kingdom Life Prayer Ministry International, a church our very own Pastor Moses helped plant and pastor. We financially support their pastors, Pastor Henry and Pastor Patrick, and in 2018 Christian Life Church raised the funds to build them their very own church building so that they could worship freely, and no longer be restricted to public meeting places.

Prayer Points for Sierra Leone

  • That Christ would be effectively brought to the Muslims of Sierra Leone
  • Provision and protection from ongoing violence
  • Government accountability and responsibility
  • National Stability


The Christian Life in Guatemala

At first glance Guatemala looks like an overwhelmingly Christian nation, but when you dig deeper you find that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because of lack of discipleship and strong arm tactics from less than Christian religious organizations, the church scene in Guatemala is a mess. There is little to no discipleship being done. Christianity is mixed with local religions and traditions, including voodoo, animism, and idol worship. Worse yet, much of the country is underdeveloped with little to no access to Christ. Behind all of this is a nation that struggles with human trafficking, drugs, widespread government corruption, and poverty for most of it population.

How We Are Helping Make Disciples

Pastor Luis and Family

Christian Life Church supports Impacto Ministries and Pastor Luis Martinez as the care for the needs of Guatemalans and preach the Gospel. We are currently working with Impacto by sending mission teams to help train local pastors to fight the many spiritual battles that Guatemala faces. We are also in planing phases with pastor Luis to plant churches in some of the most remote parts of the nation.

Prayer Points for Guatemala

  • Revival for true, Christ centered, disciple focused Christianity
  • Government overhaul and accountability
  • Police accountability
  • The Gospel going to the corners of the nation, that all would hear of Christ



The Christian Life in Armenia

In 1915 one of the worst genocides our world has ever seen happened against Christian Armenians. Christians were rounded up door by door and millions of men, women, and children were murdered by the Ottoman empire. Since then, the nation of Armenia has struggled to maintain independence and religious freedom, suffering from persecution under Muslims and then later Soviet rule. Today Christianity is tightly watched, worship is only allowed when controlled by the government. Speaking of Christ in public is strictly illegal, and starting a church not run by the state can get you thrown into horrible prisons. Thus, the Christian life in Armenia is one lived mostly ‘under ground’.

How We Are Helping Make Disciples

Christian Life Church supports two missionaries (for security reasons we can not name or picture them online) every month to help pay their salary. Our missionaries and their family left their home in Russia to make disciples in Armenia in a time when most Christian were fleeing the country. They now have a home church where they worship God, preach the Word, and make disciples in a nation where doing any one of those things you arrested.

Prayer Points for Armenia

  • True freedom to worship Christ
  • Favor with witnessing to Muslim Armenians
  • Protection and provision for our missionaries and their children


Chains Interrupted

Chains Interrupted is a group of people whose hearts have been broken by the evil of human trafficking. Sobering statistics show 98 to 99% of victims never get out of “the life”. Chains Interrupted focus on preventing human trafficking from ever happening. Chains Interrupted also work with others in the rescue and restoration of those injured by this heinous crime. Christian Life Church is honored to support Chains Interrupted in their fight to end human trafficking. Visit for more information.

The Living Room Ministries

The Living Room Ministries looks to empower women to break free from poverty and victimization through Christ. They offer a comfortable safe place for women to gather to build a supportive community, enjoy leisure activities and discover who they are in the eyes of Christ. Cedar Rapids is incredibly blessed to have such a ministry serving it’s women, and Christian Life Church is blessed to support the Living Room Ministries. Please pray for this ministry as they continue to serve Christ by serving others. Visit or talk to Sister Pam for more information.

Stop The Demand Now

Stop the Demand Now is a small non-profit organization that fights to end pornography and sex addiction in America, especially in the church. The idea being, if there is no demand for illicit use of trafficked people, then there will be no more driving force behind human trafficking. Talk to Pastor Christian or visit for more information.