Come Worship With Us in Our New Location!

Join us for worship live this and the preaching of God’s Word this Sunday at 10 am. We are meeting at ournew location on the South West Side of Cedar Rapids. 2738 Edgewood Rd SW

Location Details

What We Believe

We believe in one God eternally existing as a Holy Trinity. We believe in the Bible as the perfect Word of God. We believe in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and that salvation is through Him alone.

Watch Online

At Christian Life Church we live stream the services and record the sermons so you never miss out when you are sick, out of town, or just can’t make it to church. This isn’t a substitute for Christian fellowship and corporate worship, but can be a way to join us when you can’t physically make it, or just want to check us out.

Ministries at Christian Life Church

Church isn’t just on Sundays! We believe in living the Christian Life 24/7 and we offer many ministries to help encourage fellowship and service outside of Sunday mornings.